7-10 June 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Ben Dalton Human Design

My name is Ben Dalton and I have been doing consultations in Human Design for 5 years. I am a “Living Your Design” guide and nearly a “Level 4 Professional Trainer” through the IHDS. HD is my passion and I love to help people understand themselves better so they can make decisions based on their […]

Nrikesari Astrology

Nrikesari Astrology – Professional Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Readings. Identify your personal strengths & weaknesses. In which areas of life are you going to succeed, and in which areas are you prone to fail? Where are your blind spots, and what are your hidden strengths? What is the difference between your soul, your mind, your […]

High Priestess Haven

High Priestess Haven is a mystical market stall run by the Empress & Emperoar of dark and light. Their enchanting offerings beckon those seeking the arcane and the extraordinary. The Emperoar transforms digital dreams into tangible reality with the mystical precision of a modern-day spell and meticulously waves his laser wand across enchanted wood while […]