7-10 June 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Intimacy Whisperer

Pauline Ryeland, Intimacy Whisperer ® has been working as an Intimacy, Sex & Libido Coach & Educator for over 13 years. She is certified as a Somatic Sexological Body Worker, Tantra Teacher & Facilitator and a Master Trainer & Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Havening Techniques™ Trauma Specialist. Pauline works with women who […]

JYOREI Spiritual Healing

Shumei is a spiritual fellowship dedicated to advancing health, happiness, and harmony for all humankind through applying the insights of our founder Makichi Okada knwon within Shumei as Meishusama. Mokichi Okada taught that a world free of sickness, poverty, and strife could be achieved through an appreciation of art, a reverence for nature, and spiritual […]

Rhonda Kelly’s Readings

International Psychic Medium. Hailing from Melbourne, Rhonda has lived around Australia and the UK. Rhonda’s Readings by Rhonda Kelly – be the best version of you. An experienced reader, as seen on Psychic TV, heard on radio and featured in magazines. Rhonda is the Executive Secretary of the Australian Spiritual Alliance (ASA) and Editor of […]