7-10 June 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Angel TraShell International Psychic Medium & Royale Psychic’s

Join Angel TraShell, the 13th Generation International Psychic Medium, as she graces over 33 radio stations across 30 countries with her divine insights. Alongside her esteemed International Royale Psychic team, Angel invites you to visit their A24 MindBodySpirit Festival Stand, where pre-bookings are available for exclusive consultations. Experience the power of spiritual connection and gain […]

Phoenix Holistic Healing Solutions

Elevate your festival experience with Phoenix Holistic Healing Solutions! Our person-centred, solution-focused approach blends mindfulness with mind-body-spirit harmony. Discover the transformative power of our 30-minute Reiki and Crystal Singing Pyramid sessions, accompanied by shamanic ceremonial music that will rejuvenate your essence. Embrace holistic wellness and embark on a journey of inner growth with us. We […]

Ben Dalton Human Design

My name is Ben and I have been doing consultations in Human Design for 5 years. I am a “Living Your Design” guide and a “Professional Trainer Level 4” through the International Human Design School. HD is my passion and I love to help people understand themselves better so they can make decisions based on […]

Shree Ventures Pty Ltd

“KOPPER” is proud to introduce a beautiful range of pure copper containers, jewellery & homecraft items that are good for health, re-usable, eco-friendly & non-toxic. All our items are handcrafted and are made 99.9% pure certified copper. According to Ayurveda, storing and drinking out of copper containers/bottles and wearing copper jewellery is very beneficial for […]

High Priestess

Welcome to High Priestess! We are the southern hemisphere’s premiere Witchcraft company, bringing you hundreds of years worth of information about witchcraft and paganism, with online courses and live events. Created by a witch who is a third generation psychic and light worker, High Priestess is here to bring back Goddess worship to the Southern […]

Bottoms Up Colonics

Bottoms Up has been specialising in Gut Health for the past 20 years. We offer Rojas Colonics and treatment plans to support your journey to full health and vitality. Using quality filtered and structured water we promote cellular hydration to improve your immune and decrease inflammation. We have clinically developed protocols for Parasites, Candida and […]

Canna Oils

BCP is a terpene that works similarly to CBD oil. The difference is that our BCP is extracted from Black Pepper or Cloves, so we are totally legal in Australia (no regulation). Our products have been found to help with pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and sleep as they bind directly to the CB2 receptors of […]

Dr Chill

Experience the benefits of Dr Chill’s organically certified full-spectrum hemp grown in the fertile hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia. Dr.Chill Hemp Oil is produced by hand on our family farm, infused in MCT coconut oil and is 100% certified organic – AS 6000. Enjoy our boutique seed-to-product experience as we cultivate, harvest, and craft all […]

earLAB Pty Ltd

Founded in 2018, earLAB is your go-to for top-tier ear health and hearing protection. Our expert team in Footscray and Richmond is committed to safeguarding your precious sense of hearing from noise-induced damage. From professional wax removal to tailor-made earplugs, we ensure personalized care for your utmost satisfaction. For over 25 years, ACS has been […]