7-10 June 2024
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Shree Ventures Pty Ltd

“KOPPER” is proud to introduce a beautiful range of pure copper containers, jewellery & homecraft items that are good for health, re-usable, eco-friendly & non-toxic. All our items are handcrafted and are made 99.9% pure certified copper. According to Ayurveda, storing and drinking out of copper containers/bottles and wearing copper jewellery is very beneficial for […]

High Priestess

Welcome to High Priestess! We are the southern hemisphere’s premiere Witchcraft company, bringing you hundreds of years worth of information about witchcraft and paganism, with online courses and live events. Created by a witch who is a third generation psychic and light worker, High Priestess is here to bring back Goddess worship to the Southern […]


Eᴄᴋᴀɴᴋᴀʀ, The Path of Spiritual Freedom teaches simple creative exercises that unlock deep inner reserves of truth you have attained over lifetimes. You will come to know there is much more to life than what we see. Eᴄᴋᴀɴᴋᴀʀ is a university for Soul. Your life, your dreams, your inner and outer daily experiences are the […]

Sacred Lotions and Potions

We are a mother and daughter small business team with a passion of what we do. We live and breath the Witchcraft way and we are huge humanitarians. Everything we do and sell we are passionate about. We try to make a lot of our things ourselves so we can put the love and passion […]

Nrikesari Astrology

Nrikesari Astrology – Professional Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Readings. Identify your personal strengths & weaknesses. In which areas of life are you going to succeed, and in which areas are you prone to fail? Where are your blind spots, and what are your hidden strengths? What is the difference between your soul, your mind, your […]

Pink Diamond Guide

Book a reading and let me be your guide! You are on planet Earth for one reason. To evolve! Just like a higher consciousness concierge, the team at Pink Diamond Guide are here to help you in any way we can. We are on a dedicated mission committed to providing higher consciousness teachings and assisting […]


Christalignment 30 min accurate Destiny Readings take you to a higher level, using our own cards, these interactive readings are encounter based going into the third heaven realm, where you will experience peace and light with our team of highly intuitive readers and healers. Come and experience freedom.

Happy Science Australia

Happy Science is the Science of Happiness. Through the truth revealed at Happy Science, we discover who we really are, why we are born on earth, and where we go after death. It is through this ‘knowledge of the Truth’ that we start to experience ‘True Happiness.’ This is a happiness based on discovery of […]


We fully work with reiki and thetahealing, you will have deep healing experiences with us.feel free to connect us.

Lil Monster’s &co.

Lil Monster’s &co. Is a small business full of magic we have a wide range of products from inscent stick’s and holders to crystals , jewelry and accessories and all sorts of spiritual witchy products such as smudge sticks palo santo and so so much more! Step inside and feel the magic within flow 🥰